We develop custom integrations with all Chains and / or Consolidators.

If you already have your own aggregator, you can integrate one-time with our Generic Connector and get access to all existing suppliers, using our software as a gateway. And we can integrate with new suppliers in record time without having to modify your code.

We present our hotel aggregator AddHotels

We offer different possibilities of collaboration:

  • Web to End customers, microsite or generic brand with online payments gateway.
  • Web for Travel Agents, interacting with suppliers' web sites.
  • XML Web Service integration, data dump on your backoffice accounting system

Among AddHotels main features, include:

Unified Management

  • Operates with multiple booking centers simultaneously.
  • Provides a unified response.
  • Optimizes time.
  • Full integration with each supplier (it is not just a comparator)

Policies and Preferences

  • Optimize trading margins.
  • Maximize rappels.
  • Guarantees the best available market price.
  • Bargaining power with suppliers.

User Interface

  • Web application, requires no installation.
  • Easy to use, intuitive, no training required.
  • Centralized support. Customizable design.


  • Service Fee calculation
  • MarkUp calculation
  • Geographic search by Google Maps

Quota Management Module

  • Allows negotiated rates and quotas
  • Web access module for hoteliers
  • Multi-Contract/Season/Rate/Room/MealPlan